Your closest acquaintance
with Russia

The city's first in 50 years park Zaryadye was opened near the Red Square in Moscow!

The 32-acre Park Zaryadye is a new immense project that was designed in New York, by the company known for using the ‘wild urbanism’ technique to merge historic city streets with wild nature. The park has four different areas representing Russia’s main geographic zones – tundra, steppe, forest and wetlands – and featuring the typical micro-climates of each zone. In addition to that, there’s an ice cave (where the temperature will be kept below freezing year-round). Another must-see of Park Zaryadye is called ‘floating bridge’, which ranges the Moscow River and its embankment without any support. There is also a large outdoor amphitheatre and a Philharmonic Hall, built into the hillsides. Other facilities include the interactive Media Centre with 4D cinema where the history of Russia will expand on a 360-degree screen; travel within Russia and its various national parks will also be promoted through videos and exhibits.

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