Your closest acquaintance
with Russia

Feel the magic of the most Northern part of Russia!

UTS Group invites you to Murmansk region which is located in the northwest of Russia, on the Kola Peninsula, the Arctic Circle. This vast area of wild hills, windswept tundra and dense taiga forests, countless rivers and lakes. This is a land with a harsh northern nature, the area is inexhaustible natural wonders and fascinating folk traditions.

We can call hundreds of reasons to visit the Murmansk region, but first let’s define 9 key ones.

  1. Murmansk region is the most Northern region of Europe
  2. It takes only 2 hours to get to Murmansk from St. Petersburg and 2,5 hours from Moscow.
  3. Summer polar day amaze travelers, when the sun never sets, and polar nights from late November until mid-January, when the sun does not appear over the horizon.
  4. You can see the first nuclear-powered icebreaker “Lenin”, standing on a laid in ice-free port of Murmansk
  5.  “Snow Village” is an amazing adornment snow province. This unusual structure built entirely of snow and ice, which was included in the Russian Book of Records as the largest building on the snowy area.
  6. Murmansk region is a famous worldwide for its spawning rivers and stored in their herd of wild Atlantic salmon and other valuable fish species.
  7. Khibiny Mountains is the one of the most visited areas of the Kola Peninsula, and a true paradise for active adventure tourism at any time of the year.
  8. The most northern trolleybus line exists in Murmansk.
  9. Murmansk Oceanarium is the only place where you can see the Arctic seals.

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