Your closest acquaintance
with Russia

To run a marathon in Russia- is a new way to explore the country!

The largest country in the world, Russia offers a huge variety of travel experiences, from classical sightseeing options to exotic and unique destinations.

For those who prefer to explore the country in unusual way, UTS Group Russia is happy to present a unique opportunity- run a marathon! Chose the one from the list below, start preparing and we will assist you with other details.

Ekaterinburg International Winter Marathon
February 18, 2017
Russia / Ekaterinburg

Baikal Ice Marathon
March 07, 2017
Russia / Tankhoy

Kazan marathon
May 21, 2017
Russia / Kazan

White Nights Marathon
July 09, 2017
Russia / St Petersburg

Golden Ring Ultra Trail 100
July 23, 2017
Russia / Suzdal

Adidas Elbrus World Race
August 05, 2017
Russia / Mount Elbrus

Siberian International Marathon
August 07, 2017
Russia / Omsk

Moscow Marathon
September 25, 2017
Russia / Moscow