Your closest acquaintance
with Russia

Ecotourism in Russia becomes more and more popular. Try it with UTS Group!

Nikola Lenivets, Kaluga Region

Nikola Lenivets is an art park and organic farm that regularly hosts architectural festivals, new media conferences, science events, electronic music parties and ecological workshops.

 Bogdarnya, Vladimir Region

This farm is considered by its owners to be a promoter of healthy living, mixed with the best traditions of Russian rural life. Bogdarnya offers a wide range of activities including farm tours, food tasting, cookery classes, food processing workshops and training for restorative agriculture. The main idea is for guests to become immersed in and adapt to Russian village life

Sumarokovo Moose Farm, Kostroma Region

To get in touch with your inner moose, come to this experimental farm founded in the Soviet period on the outskirts of Kostroma. Here the moose roam the grounds freely and produce milk and antler velvet. Guests can learn how to look after a moose and sup fresh moose’s milk at the farm’s bar.

Olgino Horse Farm, Moscow Region

Although horse riding is the main activity here, there are a wide range of other experiences on offer. There is a farm on site that supplies the food for its café which specializes in hearty peasant fare.  

 Avanpost Ranch, Moscow region

Role playing is one of the ranch’s main attractions and many come to dress up and enact fantasies such as being a cowboy in the Wild West or a noble out on the hunt with hounds leading the way.