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The Museum of Russian Impressionism was open in Moscow

The Museum of Russian Impressionism opened its doors on May 28th 2016, as part of the Bolshevik business and entertainment center, housed in a historic Moscow chocolate factory.

Over a 1,000 square meters of exhibition space, cinema, modern multimedia zone, educational facilities for children, café, book and souvenir store will welcome visitors and help to create a joyful and meaningful experience of enjoying “the unexpected forms and fountain of colors…”, as the artist Konstantin Korovin described Russian impressionism.

The founders were looking to create a cultural institution that will unite fascinating exhibitions with research, publishing and educational activities. A special emphasis will be placed on studying the origin of the Impressionist movements in Russia, analyzing the works of the artists who formed its unique, local character, promoting Impressionism as an important artistic movement of late 19th and early 20th century art both in Russia and abroad and popularizing little known masters to the general public.

The permanent collection is dedicated to the development of Russian impressionism over a century since 1870’s. It consists of more than 70 artworks of prominent Russian artists such as: Konstantin Korovin, Igor Grabar, Konstantin Yuon, Petr Konchalovskiy, Yuri Pimenov, as well as selected works by Boris Kustodiev and Valentin Serov.

Contact info:

Moscow, Leningradsky pr. 15, bld. 11.