Your closest acquaintance
with Russia

3 Days in Russia without visa!

If you prefer cruises as a way of travelling, you will have the unique opportunity to admire Saint-Petersburg attractions during your Baltic Sea Cruise without Visa!

In accordance to the legislation of  Russian Federation(RF Government Resolution №397) ,foreign tourists and persons without citizenship or relevant visa and/or proper permission travelling on ferries may arrive to the Russian Federation without Russian visa for the period of 72 hours being part of organised excursion group only. VISA-Free journey can lasts up to 3 days. According to the law a passenger must arrive at the port of St. Petersburg and leave in the same manner, be part of organised excursion group and comply with the rule of no longer than 72-hour stay. 72 hours period begins for the moment of crossing border control.

Essentials to remember:

- No-Visa Entry is only for 72 hours and only for cruise ship passengers.

A tour confirmation from a UTS company is needed to go ashore.

-  You are required to depart and return to the port with the tour, you do not have the option to stay in St. Petersburg and return to the ship on your own.

- You may disembark independently if you have a valid Russian visa (can be arranged with our help).

We are always at your disposal for any questions!