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Siberia & Baikal

Situated on the East of Russia, Siberia is extended from the Urals to the Pacific Ocean to the East and from the Arctic Ocean on the North to the Altai mountains on the North of Kazakhstan and on the Mongol and Chinese borders. Siberia constitutes Asiatic part of Russia and North part of Asia. This region which represents 77% of Russia’s territory but only 27% of its population, is characterized by the cold and extremely continental climat, and the landscape with moderate relief that is channelled by enormous rivers. For the lolng time inhabited by the nomadic populations, Siberia was gradually colonized by Russian Empire. Siberia was formidable developed during XX century thaks to the policy of investments of Soviet regime that was loking for a benefit from the immense mining and energetic resources of this region. Siberia takes its name from a small town of Sibir. The origin of the word is uncertain but the term can be originated from the word «sibir» which means «very disperse settlement».

The lake Baikal is one of the nature’s miracles. Its territory which equals to the territory of such european country as Belgium doesn’t repeat the territory of the Great north-american lakes, but exceeds them in depth and is the greatest storage of spring water on the planet. All rivers of the world will not suffice to fill it in one year. It has a size of 600 km in lenght from the North to the South and attain about 80 km in width on patches. Its water is the purest on the globe. This amazingly transparent water, bluish at the horizon, reposes in the equally exceptionnal casket, 200 kilometers of banks more pointed and even more colorful than the banks of savoyard lakes. Every river or stream that flows towards Baikal crosses small villages on its banks. The water of the lake is cold, it freezes down in winter more than one meter deep and breaks with a great crash in spring. In autumn, true storms create the waves that are bigger than in the seas which practically interrupts the navigation.

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