Your closest acquaintance
with Russia


Situated on the Moskva-river, in the European part of Russia and administratively in the central federal district, Moscow is the most inhabited city in Europe with its 11,6 million citizens according the statistics of 2012.

Proclaimed in the XV century by Ivan III as “the Third Rome”, it has always been economical, political and educational center of Russia. Moscow has always played a great role in the history of Russia.

Founded in the XII century, it was the capital of the Great Moscow Principality, then it became the center of Russian Empire before Peter the Great transferred the capital to the new city - Saint-Petersburg, then in 1917, after the socialist revolution, Moscow became again the capital of the country.

Moscow is well-known for its architectural heritage: the Kremlin with its palaces and churches, the cathedral of Saint Basil on the Red Square, the cathedral of Christ the Savior as well as Seven Stalinist Sister-Buildings. The historical part of the city is situated on the hill that dominates over the left bank of the Moskva-river, on the place where the Kremlin and the Red square are situated today. The capital owns a hundred of museums, a lot of theatres among which there are some, that are known worldwide like Bolshoy Theater, famous music and dance festivals and very well known historic sights. The palaces and churches neighbor here with monasteries and banks, modern offices and luxury shops. Moscow will be graved in your memory with its unique face and originality.


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