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Karelia is located in the northwestern part of the Russian Federation, in an intermediate position between the basins of White and Baltic seas. The greater part of the territory of the Republic of Karelia (148,000 km² or 85%) is the public forest reserves. It has more than 60,000 lakes. Lakes and wetlands contain about 2000 km² freshwater of excellent quality. Lake Ladoga and Lake Onega are the largest lakes in Europe. There are fifty minerals in Karelia, located in more than 400 fields and metal layers. Natural resources of the Republic include, among others, iron ore and diamonds.

What to visit:

Petrozavodsk - the capital of Karelia. It is located on the western shore of Lake Onega, 698 km north of Moscow. Its population is 269.000 inhabitants. Petrozavodsk was founded in 1703 under the name of Petrovskaia Sloboda. Peter the Great had built a foundry for the manufacture of cannons and anchors to provide a war effort during the Great Northern War. This factory, named Petrovskiy zavod or "Factory of Peter”, gave its name to the city.

Kiji (Kizhi) Island in Lake Onega presents an open-air museum of Wooden architecture. The whole island is a World Heritage site announced by UNESCO in 1990. The island is 7 km long and 500 m wide. Kizhi is world famous for its churchyard (pogost) with two churches of the eighteenth century and an octagonal bell tower surrounded by an enclosure, all built of wood. There is also the unique Church of the Transfiguration, with a pyramid inside, made of 22 frames, decorated with silver bulbs.

Solovki Islands - wrapped in the most beautiful ancient legends, the Solovki islands still retain their charm and are considered the pearl of the Russian North. Solovetskie islands are located on the Western area on the White Sea, in the Gulf of Onega, less than 150 kilometers from the Arctic Circle. The archipelago consist of 6 large and many small islands with total area of 347 square kilometers. The largest is the Solovetsky island on which the monastery was founded in the early fifteenth century.

The islands of Valaam - the archipelago of islands is located on the north-west of Lake Ladoga, the total area of more than fifty islands is 36 km ². The island Valaam (Finnish name - Valamo), which gave its name to the archipelago, represents two-thirds of its territory. The island is well known for the Valaam Monastery, situated on it, and also for its natural beauty.

Basic packages:

Treasures of Karelia – 4 Days /3 Nights, Kiji and Solovki

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