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Georgia is a small country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. Located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe, it borders in the north on Russia, in the east and southeast on Azerbaijan, and in the south on Armenia and Turkey. In the east it is washed by the Black Sea. Georgia covers a territory of 69,700 square kilometres (26,911 sq mi) and has a total population of almost 5 million people. The capital and the biggest city is Tbilisi.

Georgia is a country with a rich history, unique culture, beautiful nature and incredible cuisine.


The territory of modern-day Georgia was inhabited since the Paleolithic Era, more than 1.8 million years ago. Nowadays on the territory of the country there are hundreds of churches, monasteries, castles, towers, fortifications and ancient cities which makes it extremely attractive for tourists. Many of monuments are now protected by UNESCO.


Georgia is well known for its bright folklore, unique traditional music, theatre, cinema and art. The unique culture of the Georgian people is vividly manifested in polyphonic singing, the history of which goes back more than 1,500 years and still holds a highly valued place. In 2001, UNESCO inscribed Georgian singing on the list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Georgian folk dancing is said to be a “blend of male nobility and female gracefulness, whereby the dancer denies the laws of gravity.”


Georgian nature is known for its contrasting terrain and landscape, diverse climate, flora, and fauna. The northern part of the country is occupied by the Greater Caucasian Mountain Range with altitudes of up to 5,000 m. and a multitude of glaciers. The Lesser Caucasian Mountains with altitudes of up to 2,850 m lie in the south of the country. Between the mountain ranges are the Colchis lowlands, which are shaped like a triangle with its base facing the Black Sea, and to the east lies the Iberian Valley. The Southern Georgia Volcanic Highland, which is known for its larva plateaus and chain of canyons, lies immediately to the south of the Lesser Caucasian Mountains.


Georgian cuisine and wine have evolved through the centuries, adapting traditions in each era. Most famous Georgian dishes are: different types of khachapuri (cheese-filled bread), khinkali (meat dumplings), Sulguni (Georgian cheese), badrijani (fried eggplant stuffed with spiced walnut paste), dolma (meat or vegetables with rice wrapped into grape or cabbage leaves), ajapsandali (stewed eggplants, tomatoes, bell peppers, garlic and herbs), variously cooked meat, vegetables, herbs and a lot more.

Welcome to Georgia! A land of myths and legends, with high mountains, fast rivers, green meadows and turquoise sea.

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