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Corporate & Social Responsibility

The corporate life at UTS Russia is always full of vivid and memorable events!

Social responsibility is an integral part of the UTS Russia corporate life because we realize our contribution to social development and appreciate the world around us. Our corporate social responsibility projects are focused on such areas as education, culture, healthcare and support of social communities and children's organizations.

Education (LMI Training System)

We care about training our employees for improving their skills and qualifications, and about providing the new staff with opportunities for professional growth and stable social development.  LMI programmes, tools and techniques help us to enhance the talents and abilities of our team as well as to improve the business performance and increase corporate profit.

Culture (UTS Theatre)

The UTS Russia CEO Alexey Krylov once became fascinated with participating in theatrical productions. As an acknowledged team leader, he managed to involve the staff into this process, having “infected” all the employees with his passion for theatre.  Now the UTS Theatre is 12 years old, and the tradition of annual performances continues.

Environmental Care

Our employees take care of the environment by observing simple rules in the daily life of the office.  Last year, we also took part in planting trees in the city of Ulyanovsk together with guests from China.

Healthcare (Annual medical examination of personnel)

Maintaining and improving the health of our staff members, as well as measures of labour protection play a significant role in the company policy. Each year, the company arranges a voluntary medical check-up by taking blood tests.

Supporting Children (Cooperation with “” foundation)

Our employees are actively involved in charity projects aimed at supporting children's foundations and organizations. Since 2011, the company has been holding fundraising events for well-known charity funds “Give the Life” and “Bezrazlichiya.Net” (“No Indifference”).  In 2015, UTS Russia assumed patronage over the "Blue Bird" orphanage, offering different kinds of assistance to children: from Christmas gifts to providing free transportation services.